Amanda Nunes Is Ready For Rhonda Rousey

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In a recent video posted to the Las Vegas Review-Journal's YouTube page, Amanda Nunes revealed just how ready she is for Rhonda Rousey, despite Rousey refusing to do the majority of her media obligations.

In the interview, Nunes said that she did watch the fight between Rousey and Holly Holm and that the Rousey fighting in that fight was the real Rousey.

The statement seems to show that Nunes sees Rousey as someone who may have gotten pretty lucky up until the bout with Holm.

As for what changed since she won the title, Nunes said she just does a lot more interviews than she did before.

Nunes is looking at the media-free preparation as an upside to her being able to concentrate on the fight and losing weight. She said normally the UFC would force a fighter into their media obligation and if she was asked to do it she would.

She believes that she may still have to complete her media obligations either way.

Nunes repeatedly said that she is okay and said that Rousey's actions seem to be part of her game. The fighter said that she is going to surprise people again.

Nunes said that Rousey is playing games with the wrong person. You can watch the entire interview below and see what happens at UFC 207 on December 30.

Amanda Nunes Is Ready For Rhonda Rousey