Amanda Bynes Claims Dad Wanted Sex On Twitter

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Amanda Bynes may be having a relapse.

In an earlier piece, we reported that Amanda Bynes had been doing well. Last month however, Bynes was arrested on charges of another DUI and ever since things have not been looking up for the troubled celebrity.

Radar Online has quoted an undisclosed source saying Amanda's parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes, "see their daughter needs help" and that "They used to insist that Amanda just had an addiction to marijuana, and they were just going to let her try to deal with it on her own ...

they were in denial for a very long time."

Unfortunately it seems her parents are correct that she needs help again - and that her father may even be to blame for it.

In her most recent rant, fueled by what is certainly an unstable lifestyle, Bynes revealed that her father abused her as a child.

Before admitting this astonishing accusation, she talked about the media finding ugly pictures of her to use in stories and that she needs a "tremendous amount of facial surgery."

Below are some of the tweets.