Alyssa Logan: Pictures? Job? Facebook? Boyfriend?

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Today, TMZ published a piece claiming that Flip or Flop's Tarek Moussa had a fling with his kids' nanny, Alyssa Logan.

Logan was formerly the nanny for Tarek and his estranged wife Christina.

She was responsible for taking care of their two kids: Brayden and Taylor.

According to the report, she was no longer the kids' nanny when she became involved with Tarek; however, it's not clear if Tarek and Christina were separated at the time the two started seeing each other.

Tarek and Christina found fame with their hit show on HGTV. The couple started out with very little to their name, only to become experts at the home renovation and sales game. Tarek and Christina also had several personal struggles that were publicly aired as they filmed their show. It was a viewer who wrote in to the show who reportedly first noticed Tarek's mass in his neck, which he eventually found out was thyroid cancer.

Tarek underwent treatment for the cancer, and luckily, it went into remission. Later, Tarek and Christina underwent the process of IVF to conceive second child, Brayden.

Again, their public battle with infertility ended in personal triumph. However, it seems that personal battles continue to produce conflict for this couple.

If you're looking for pictures of Alyssa Logan, her social media, job, or boyfriend, check out below:

Alyssa Logan's Facebook

Alyssa Logan had a Facebook page on which she had the picture above. However, she appears to have removed or made the page after today's news.

Alyssa Logan's Job

There is a person with the name Alyssa Logan on LinkedIn whose picture appears similar to the picture above.

The Alyssa Logan in that picture is a behavior interventionist who attended college in California. However, it's not certain that the one on LinkedIn is the same person.

Alyssa Logan's Pictures

There are few publicly available pics of Logan, besides the one above. There is also this video:

This picture of a woman named Alyssa Logan found online looks like it may be her; however, that has not been confirmed:

Does Logan Currently Have a Boyfriend?

According to TMZ, Tarek became interested in Logan while she was still their nanny. However, he was told not to date the nanny, so "he essentially canned her, which cleared the way for a romantic relationship."

There is no evidence that Logan and Tarek are still together, and there have been rumors that a reconciliation is in the works between Tarek and Christina. It is unknown whether Logan has a boyfriend right now.

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