Alice Matos Brings Booty, Beauty and Brains To Instagram

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With over 665 thousand Instagram followers, Brazilian fitness model and entrepreneur Alice Matos brings beauty, booty and brains to social media with her posts.

As a fitness model it is only right that her body is tight and toned. Matos occasionally posts videos and photos from her workouts but the majority of her posts is displaying the body she clearly spends time keeping fit.

She displays her what appears to be rock hard ab's and toned physique and yeah for those who are wondering is is extremely attractive.

Though she has one, she doesn't display her booty for the world to see. However, her chest and abs seem to be the two things that are highly coveted on her page.

#Poolparty here we go !!! #partiufestanapiscina

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No this fitness model does not post nudes, so for anyone who was looking for that they should stop the creeping. She looks to be a very intelligent woman who is taking up the opportunities that are presented to her.

According to her Instagram profile, Matos is the owner Labellamafia clothing, a journalist and a Bikini Fitness Athlete. Her clothing line Labellamafia features a full line of fitness wear and as well as some pretty interesting clothing including Flare Pants.

Her photos aren't always fitness 24/7 there are many fun shots of her travels, people she meets as well as plenty of selfies to keep you focused on her beauty. Instagram needs a lot more of these women who while showcasing their bodies, also send a message to women about the importance of education and independence.

She also showed her concern for the politics in Brazil a few weeks ago by posting a photo of Marina Silva, who was a presidential candidate for Brazil.

The caption of her post read, "Marina Silva Marina supporting # Aecio45 Good! #TamoJunto I believe in Brazil, I VOTE aecionevesoficial Time to bet on the alternation of power!" Her blog, Hardcore Ladies serves as her outlet to influence other women and help them get into the prime shape that she is in.

VEGASSS I ?U !!! #letsrock

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Matos is clearly more than just a pretty face, rock hard abs and a nice booty.

She is a role model for many of the other women on Instagram and a strong candidate for someone who isn't afraid to voice what she believes in.