Alessia Cara's Year Continues to Get Better As She Tops Billboard's Hot R&B Charts

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2015 was the year of many breakout artists who officially have incredibly bright futures. Alessia Cara is one of those young talents and she continues her success as she tops the Billboard Hot R&B Chart with her hit song "Here."

Billboard broke the news on December 29 and while highlighting other areas of success such as her move from dominating the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart to the Hot 100 charts and ultimately the Hot R&B chart.

"As previously reported, "Here" hits a new high on the Billboard Hot 100, lifting 8-7," according to the article.

"It holds at No. 3 on Radio Songs (116 million audience impressions, down 2 percent, according to Nielsen Music) and No. 19 on Streaming Songs (7.4 million U.S. streams, down 4 percent) and bounds 20-13 on Digital Songs (52,000 sold, up 35 percent)."

Cara's "Here" is a song about being the odd one out at a party where she doesn't feel comfortable and details everything she would rather be doing that attending it. A song that exposes the party scene has become a huge radio hit and is continuing to climb up the charts.

Cara's undeniable talent comes from stunning vocals and humility that is warm and genuine.

"Here" just is a sample of her talent which is spread throughout her Know-It-All album, which also received rave reviews. It's just the beginning for Cara, but it's an incredibly bright one.