Alec Baldwin Talks Tom Cruise, TMZ Interview, Al Pacino & More On Howard Stern

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As the release of "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation" nears, Alec Bladwin stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM show to discuss working with Tom Cruise, interviewing Al Pacino and an upcoming interview about TMZ.

Mission Impossible & Tom Cruise

Stern jumped right into talk about the "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation" film which is now the fifth installment in the series.

The host made it a point to mention Baldwin's co-star Tom Cruise and asked if it was hard to work with him to which Baldwin said he's only 4 years younger than him, according to MarksFriggin.

"He said that he has maintained himself at a level that's a full time job.

He said he assumes his life is scheduled in a way that he can be a father and a producer and act and all of that is a full time job. He said he has to work all day long."

"Howard said you have to applaud the way he dedicates himself to his films. Alec said he's the last guy they're giving that kind of money to for a film."

Baldwin said because the last installment of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, "Ghost Protocol," was so successful, he worries about being the one who jinxes the franchise according to the report.

Al Pacino Thesis

After the film talk things transitioned into a discussion about Baldwins younger years at NYU, where he scored and interview with Al Pacino for his thesis.

"He said he didn't have enough credits to graduate. He said in 1994, 15 years later, he had met Al Pacino and he wanted to do a paper," according to the report.

"He said Pacino was one guy who kept going back to the stage. He said that most people go from the stage to movies and don't go back.

He said Pacino is going back again. Howard asked what kind of pay they get. Alec said he knows people who get $125,000 a week if they're big stars and they have a good deal."

According to the report the interview was 9 hours long with little breaks in between and Baldwin said he was nervous because Pacino was a peer that he admires and also said that he also admires Cruise because he thinks Cruise is still at the top of his game.

Stern being the funny man he is then joked about thinking Cruise's career went downhill after the Oprah episode where Cruise jumped on the couch with excitement.

TMZ & Harvey Levin

Baldwin also broke the news that there is an interview coming up where he talks about TMZ and it's ring-leader Harvey Levin.

"Alec said that he did an interview about Levin and he thinks they're going to be coming out with that soon," according to MarksFriggin.

This revelation came after Stern said he didn't like how the media was handling Baldwin and how upset he was with TMZ and Levin.

"Alec said the biggest problem with TMZ is that it's owned by Warner Brothers. He said it used to be in their interest to keep things quiet but now they expose it.

Howard asked if he has ever gone to the other actors and brings that up.

Alec said they live in a world now where there's a lot of envy. He said he had a guy yelling "f*** you" to him at a premiere."

Baldwin even went as far as to claim that the New York Times is also guilty of what TMZ does in the Stern Show interview. He later added that everyone is guilty of doing it and continued to talk about the fact that after TMZ and Warner Brothers came together things really started getting bad for celebrities.

Baldwin said he barely does press and has mellowed out a lot because he's thinking more and more about his kids.

The interview was actually very enlightening and touched upon a lot of different aspects in Baldwins life. Fans can catch Baldwin in his role as Hunley in "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation" Friday July 31.