Album Review: ZHU's 'Generationwhy' is A Solid Debut

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What we can instantly tell from ZHU's debut album Generationwhy is that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the dance scene.

We didn't expect as much of the jazzy feel as we got but it added to the special feeling you get when listening to the music.

Generationwhy opens up with a strong message of the how strong the human spirit is in "Intro (Neon City)." The intro contains an infectious jazz sound with subtle city sounds. It's a great lead into the "Cold Blooded," which combines the EDM feel with pop and Jazz sounds.

It is certainly one of the standout tracks on the album.

(Album Stream Below)

The next track titled, "In The Morning" has a slightly similar sound to his hit song "Faded" and that means it's an instant dance classic.

Then comes "Secret Weapon" which slightly flips the sound but keeps your feet moving and head bobbing the entire time.

"Electrify Me," "Numb" and "Palm of My Hand" continue ZHU's smooth transitions with a ton of instrumental use, whether it be the saxophone or the piano. It gives off a very sexy vibe while simultaneously making you want to get off your feet and bust some moves.

"Money" and "One Minute to Midnight" move the album along as the listener arrives at "Reaching," which is one of the big standout tracks for us. It's beautifully put together and very sensual.

"Hometown Girl" is another big standout track that acts as an ode to that perfect "Hometown Girl." It's got a nice silky tone in the breaks and picks up the pace with the chorus.

"Good Life" and the title track "Generationwhy" give fans two more very impressive pieces that totally complete the album.

As if that isn't enough, fans are also treated to a bonus track titled, "Working For It" featuring Skrillex and THEY. Overall this is quite the solid debut from ZHU who is showing a ton of promise and musical intelligence that translates into some pretty infectious music. You can stream Generationwhy below and let us know what you think about ZHU's debut in the comments section.

Stream ZHU's Debut Album Generationwhy