Album Review: Wiz Khalifa's 'Khalifa' is Filled With Motivational Anthems

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It's a good day for fans of Wiz Khalifa as the release of his Khalifa album is underway and with it comes 13 of some of his best tracks.

The scary part is, he still has Rolling Papers 2 to come later on this year. Khalifa has always stayed authentic to his own style and it shows on the Khalifa album.

As you would expect Khalifa has a lot of stoner references and but what's more interesting about this album is the fact that he is trying to motivate fans. Khalifa is more than just weed references and money talk, it's a feel good album that will put you in a motivated frame of mind and help you get through the grind of an everyday lifestyle.

In Khalifa's opening track, "BTS" he expresses trying to go about his work with his heart and not paying mind people who doubt him or ask him to change.

It's a message we're sure many fans will appreciate and Khalifa's proof of this is in his success.

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The second track "Celebrate," featuring Rico Love, is one of the ultimate party anthem's with stellar production that rides so nice it makes a non-smoker want to light up. Some might say that Khalifa's raps are simple and braggadocios but it's all part of his persona and being able to connect with his fans. This album is about feeling good, being inspired and overall having a good time.

"Elevate," the third track on Khalifa is prime for the radio. It has a feel of "See You Again" but it's a bit more confrontational and motivational than a track that is meant to honor the life of someone.

The bouncy production and party tracks come with "City View" featuring Courtney Noelle, "Cowboy" and of course, "Bake Sale" with Travis Scott. These tracks feature more of that trap side of Khalifa but a surprise for fans comes from "Call Waiting" in which Khalifa takes a break from rapping and tries his hand at singing.

The jazzy track feels like something you can play at any public gathering and instantly get everyone on their feet dancing. It flexes some of the versatility that Khalifa has in his arsenal being the all around artist he is.

The Taylor Gang is well represented on the album. Khalifa and J.R. Donato connect on "Make A Play," Ty Dolla $ign helps out on "Lit," Chevy Woods rides out on "No Permission" and of course, Juicy J jumps in on "iSay." However, the most touching appearance comes from Khalifa's son Sebastian. Sebastian makes his big appearance on "Zoney" in the form of a conversation initiated by his dad. Analyzed to the deepest, these tracks show someone who is well aware of the impact he has on his fans. Khalifa is some of the most versatile music that Khalifa has made in some time and is bound to be a hit with his fans.

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