Album Review: Vince Staples' 'Prima Donna' Is Short But Awesome

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Thankfully fans of Vince Staples were able to hear some more incredible work from the rapper as he released Prima Donna last week.

After taking a listen to the seven-track piece, we can conclude that while it is short, it is surely and awesome body of work.

The many sides of Staples is shown on the album, from the part of him that feels like giving up to the part of him that want to stand for something bigger.

Prima Donna kicks off with a spiritual intro titled, "Let It Shine" that turns dark after a gun shot.

Immediately the album kicks into Staples' rebellious state of mind in "War Ready." The song features an excerpt from Andre 3000's "ATLiens" and addresses the racial issues that are plaguing America today.

On "Smile" Staples contemplates his new fame and revisits all of the bridges he burned along the way. Towards the end of the track you can feel his pain as the music fades and he finds himself in a borderline suicidal state.

Things jump right back into gear with "Loco" featuring Kilo Kish. The party track is all about getting crazy and features an insane beat.

One of the biggest tracks on Prima Donna happens to be the album-titled track featuring A$AP Rocky. Together Staples and Rocky make a great team though Rocky doesn't exactly deliver a verse.

However, towards the end of this track, Staples is more concerned with living and leaving all of the violence behind him. It shows his personal growth as a person who has reached a peaceful path.

Prima Donna closes with "Pimp Hand" and "Big Time" to wrap things up in classic Vince Staples fashion. When it comes to showing just how much he battled demons in his life, Staples does an excellent job.

It's worth noting that the production on this album is immaculate. You can stream Prima Donna below and let us know your thoughts on the album in the comments section.

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