Album Review: Switchfoot's 'Where the Light Shines Through' is Fresh and Solid Piece

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Alternative rockers Switchfoot have come a long way from "Meant To Live." Over the years, the band has put out solid pieces of work.

While their sound has mellowed out from their beginnings, it's still fresh and bright as ever,just as their new album Where the Light Shines Through does.

Where the Light Shines Through is a memorable album that will please listeners who have grown with Switchfoot over the years. The ever-evolving sound, pushes the limits of what the band is capable of.

The album kicks into gear with "Holy Water," which features that SOCAL surfer vibe. It's inspirational and puts the listener in a great mood from the first song.

Where the Light Shines Through enters a more mellow state with "Float." The foot-tapping dance track will invoke an instant feel-good feeling in your bones.

The track really opens up in it's second half and the wavy tones really brings it all together quite nicely. "Where the Light Shines Through" features a blue-grass/country vibe and lead singer Jon Foreman's versatile voice blends well.

"I Won't Let You Go" is a beautiful ballad that is simple yet epic in the way it pulls at your emotions. The tender feeling of togetherness and trust is littered all over the song.

There is an uptick in tempo with "If the House Burns Down Tonight" which snaps the listener back into their seat and reengages them.

"The Day I Found God" is a spiritual song that is pretty emotional. Again it helps the listener feel inspired as it is a song many will be able to relate to in a positive way. "Shake This Feeling," "Bull In a China Shop" and "Live It Well," are all equally unique and offer a nice break before "Looking For America" featuring Lecrae.

Lecrae is a Christian rapper who often speaks up in times of turmoil and social injustice through his music. Blending that with Switchfoot is an unexpected but welcoming match.

The album closes out with "Healer of Souls," "Hope is the Anthem," "Light and Heavy," "Begin Forever" and "When Was The Last time." Those last five tracks were equally solid and are a good culmination of the previous ten offerings from Switchfoot.

Where the Light Shines Through is a feel-good, uplifting album that in these times, really gives you some sort of hope and belonging. You can can stream Switchfoot's Where the Light Shines Through album below.

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