Album Review: ScHoolboy Q's 'Blank Face LP' is Exactly What Fans Want

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Whether you like it or not TDE artists just have the magic when it comes to making a complete album.

In ScHooboy Q's Blank Face LP, he takes us through a musical journey through the gritty lifestyle which includes run-ins with the cops, losing friends, pushing drugs and much more.

The Blank Face LP kicks off with "TorcH" which seems to also features vocals by Anderson Paak., though, he is not credited on the tracklist.

ScHoolboy Q opens up by already denouncing the blogs and creating a setting of drugs, murder and wanting to ride on those fancy rims instead of having friends.

It's a vice-filled track that is pretty dark and menacing in it's tone.

Blank Face LP moves into "Lord Have Mercy" a short song that finds Q asking for forgiveness for all of the damage he has caused in pursuit of making money. It features some clear Swizz Beatz ad-libs and a chorus along with his signature production.

The album already starts to ride so well that the transition to "THat Part" featuring Kanye West is seamless. There really isn't much more to say about "THat Part" as it's a clear favorite with fans, according to Q himself.

The production featured on "Know Your Wrong" is just clean and reminiscent of early hip-hop classics.

It's a nice break from the heavy, turn-up track in "THat Part." The song features avid TDE collaborator Lance Skiiiwalker who has been a part of almost every TDE album.

The jazzy break towards the middle of the track is refreshing and clears the listeners palette.

That menacing feel returns with "Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane" featuring Jadakiss.

"Groovy Tony" was introduced as a single but did not contain the second half which includes and absolutely masterful verse from Jadakiss.

The track later on switches into "Eddie Kane" mode featuring a sample from the famous actor's film, The Five Heartbeats.The flip is intense and so are Q's raw lyrics about pushing drugs.

Q and Vince Staples' collaboration on "Ride Out" feels long-overdue because of their slightly similar styles of delivery and their content which is always honest, raw and at all times aggressive.

It's a West Coast that owns all of the gritty nature of the rougher parts which Staples and Q openly rep.

Then comes an uncharacteristic but understandable move in "WHateva U Want" featuring Candice Pillay. The track is radio ready and should appeal to a wider range of listeners.

The production is pretty tight and it's upbeat nature will at least have your feet tapping or if you're in a party mood, it could have you dancing and grooving along.

"By Any Means" brings the album back to the harsh reality of a life of crime that is almost forced upon someone who is raised in a "By Any Means" situation.

Q and TDE included "Dope Dealer" featuring West Coast legend E-40. The production is intense and both Q and E-40 deliver drug-infused lyrics that perfectly captures the essence of the title.

The Blank Face LP continues with "JoHn Muir," a track which uses the name of a historical figure who was known for pushing the ideas of national parks.

There are plenty of sites that are named after Muir, however, the track seems to be more about rolling around the streets than anything else.

The long awaited collaboration with Tha Dogg Pound titled, "Big Body" was fresh and bright.

It's bouncy production was later on mellowed out by "Neva CHange" featuring SZA. "Str8 Ballin" rides nicely and seems to find Q evolved into a richer individual who has finally made it and is now "Str8 Ballin" on everyone.

"Black THoughts" is one of the stand-out tracks in terms waking people up about the harsh realities that plague individuals in urban areas. It's not picturesque and it's not something that many would be able to bear the thought of going through.

The tracks light and jazzy tone helps Q's intense words stand out. Anderson Paak. returns for the album's title track "Blank Face."

"Blank Face" is cinematic and Paak.'s contribution is just so special when fused with Q's lyrics. "Overtime" featuring Miguel and Justine Skye, while not really a favorite of Q, is a pretty clean offering with a smokey beat and catchy chorus.

"Tookie Knows II" is the continuation of the interlude featured on ScHoolboy Q's second LP Habits & Contradictions and closes out the album quite nicely.

There are so many layers to the Blank Face LP that make it so successful. It's got plenty of bouncy and hype tracks, a couple of radio ready tracks but most of all, it paints a real and raw picture of the reality that many face on a daily basis.

It's just what the fans needed from ScHoolboy Q who thoroughly delivers. You can listen to/stream ScHoolboy Q's Blank Face LP below.

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