Album Review: Roy Woods' 'Waking at Dawn' is Beautifully Executed

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When Roy Woods previewed his new music on OVOSOUND Radio, we knew that he had something special coming our way. Woods just released his new album Waking at Dawn and it is beautifully executed.

We must not that the title Waking at Dawn could not be anymore perfect. The album captures that mellow/hazy feeling that creeps upon you when you wake up just before the Sun begins to rise.

"Sonic Boom" gently opens up the album and puts you in a relaxed mood before the bouncier "You Love It" that follows it.

"Gwan Big up Urself" is one of the songs that was previewed by Woods during his OVOSOUND Radio mix and was an instant hit with fans.

It's light and slight island vibe is perfect for easy listening. The dancehall influence is clearly a part of Woods' overall makeup as an artist and he knows just how to extract the right amount of it in his music.

"How I Feel" was also previewed by Woods so it's not a big surprise to see it make Waking at Dawn. It's another bouncy track to ride out to and like many of the other tracks, Woods' delivery which is harsh at times is an ode to Michael Jackson.

A lot of fans have already been making the comparison which is huge for an upcoming artist like Roy Woods.

Waking at Dawn continues with "Down Girl," a funky track with more dancehall references. It's a freaky track that is pretty literal in it's title.

The album continues with the darker "Switch" where Woods calls out the girls who are now popping up now that he has gotten fame.

He wants to know why everyone is switching on him as soon as he has found fame.

Things brighten up a bit with "Got Me." The intoxicating beat is perfect for having the top down and cruising with your significant other. "Why" continues Waking at Dawn's sultry and hazy feel. It's evident that Woods is going for music to ride to.

"Menace" and "She Knows Me" closes Waking at Dawn out perfectly and the album is exquisitely done. Woods has truly done OVO proud with Waking at Dawn. You can stream/listen Roy Woods' Waking at Dawn in the audio below.

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