Album Review: Raury's 'All We Need' Displays His Brilliant Mind

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When he released his Indigo Child EP earlier this year you could tell that Raury is a one-of-a-kind artist. On his debut album All We Need Raury brilliantly displays all of his musical influences into one mesmerizing package.

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In the album's title track "All We Need," Raury picks up where he left off on the Indigo Child EP. The authentic mash-up of folk sounds and a bit of hip-hop flare brings his deep emotional plea for someone to save the world from its injustices and evil. He wants the love to return to the world, it's something he believes is missing but something we all desperately need.

It's a constant focus on the All We Need album that continues into "Revolution." "Revolution" is a powerful track that highlights everything he feels is wrong with the world.

From pollution to people losing their lives at the hands of police, Raury packs everything tightly into an in-your-face package that is a relentless attack on what humanity is today.

"Forbidden Knowledge" featuring Big K.R.I.T. was one of the first singles fans were able to hear from Raury. He displays his rapping ability that is very often compared to the styling of Andre 3000. It's a well deserved comparison as it's not just the delivery that is uncanny but also the subject matter as well.

It doesn't come as a surprise that an artist like K.R.I.T. accompanied Raury on "Forbidden Knowledge." He also shares a lot of the same beliefs when it comes to educating yourself and seeing through the masses. The track is smooth and insightful.

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Yesterday fans heard "Woodcrest Manor II," before today's All We Need album release. "Woodcrest Manor II" is one of the songs you might find yourself revisiting a lot more often than the others. Is it the synth-heavy beat or the way Raury captivates the listener with his flow? It's something special and one of the most individually diverse tracks on the albums.

"CPU" is an instant classic.

Not only does it have a solid feature from RZA but it's also a story of a troubled love between someone who's done someone wrong but will endure what he has to do to show how much he still yearns for the person.

The overall sound of the song resembles something off of Kanye West's 808's and Heartbreak album.

"Devil's Whisper" is the counter to "God's Whisper" that was featured on the Indigo Child EP. It's also one of the songs that has been dissected many times including a very detailed interview with the Sway In The Morning SiriusXM Radio crew.

Raury really flexes on the following track titled, "Peace Prevail." he increases the speed of his flow despite the fact that the track has a much slower and mellowed out tempo.

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The album lightens up with a carefree, bright and pop-styled track titled, "Crystal Express". It gives the album a nice transition into more deep and thought-provoking tracks. On "Love is Not a Four Letter Word" Raury gives his meaning of what the love is aside from saying the actual word to someone.

At 1:50 in length, it serves as an intro to "Her," the mystical and ever-resounding ode to the one girl you would do anything thing for. "Trap Tears" featuring Key is actually a surprise but a very pleasant one.

Raury uses catchy production to draw the listener but the subject matter is actually deeper than they may have assumed.

Lupe Fiasco is one of the many artists who have used this tactic before and it really does throw you for a loop.

The three closing tracks "Mama," "Kingdom Come" and "Friends" ends things on a positive and lighter note. The album is an overall gem in terms of it's content, production and message. Raury seems to be on a mission to open the minds of the listeners and take them on a spiritual journey through music.

It's a well put together package that fans and music lovers should be able to appreciate.

You can check out the album stream of All We Need below and judge the album for yourself. Let us know what you think of All We Need in the comments below.

Check out Raury's All We Need below.