Album Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR's 'P3' is Everything We Hoped It Would Be

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Once again the OVO crew delivers another special project as PARTYNEXTDOOR released his highly anticipated album P3. The album boasts a whopping 16 tracks and has PARTYNEXTDOOR at his best.

The album opens up with an over seven minute long track that features a sinister beat and a flip of Blackstreet's "No Diggity." Within that one track, fans are able to hear the versatility that PARTYNEXTDOOR is able to tap into.

Musically the production on the tracks is five star and it's a hell of a way to open up P3.

P3 continues with "Don't Run" and the transition between track one and two is just super smooth.

PARTYNEXTDOOR churns out another r&b banger in "Don't Run" and describes what he wants to do with the woman he plans on giving his time and energy to.

The album moves continues to increase it's pace slightly with the third track, "Nobody."

While the production gets bouncier on each track, the album maintains its r&b/hip-hop nature.

Then fans get a bit of the island flare with "Not Nice" one of the singles that we were able to hear prior to the release of the album.

With the dancehall sample, "Not Nice" is quite the radio ready track that could do big numbers on hip-hop radio stations.

There is even more island flare on "Only U," which is clearly an ode to old school reggae music. It is one of the shorter tracks on the album but really stands out in a big way.

"Don't Know How" reels the listener back into the r&b vibe that made PARTYNEXTDOOR popular on his first self-titled mixtape.

"Problems & Selfless" slows things down in a big way and has almost a chopped and screwed style of production. It's a really good track to cruise to late at night with the windows down or top down if you have the ability to do so.

P3 then moves into "Temptations" which is clearly one of the most sexual songs on the album. It is the shortest track on the album but the beat drop, like many on this album, is pretty epic.

"Spiteful" may be the least inspiring track on the album but the guitar blaring through it is astounding and the track tapering off to the end incites a blissful feeling.

Following "Spiteful" is a jazzy track titled, "Joy." It's much lighter in tone and is an overall positive track that really cleanses the musical palette.

"You've Been Missed" is another track that doesn't really catch your ears but "Transparency" quickly brings the album back to life with the repetitive drug reference and slick beat.

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"Brown Skin" is pretty much an ode to women with that shade of skin color. Meanwhile, "1942" is a nice party track with slower undertones. It's all about the party and the alcohol preferably 1942 tequila.

Things come to a halt with "Come and See Me" featuring Drake. It's the only feature on the album which is quite a commendable attribute for an album these days.

Normally artists load up on features so, when an album is solid without any or just one, there is a lot to say about the musical ability and confidence in that artist.

PARTYNEXTDOOR's P3 comes to an end with "Nothing Easy to Please," a smooth and light track to help you recount all of the quality tracks you've encountered on the album. With P3, PARTYNEXTDOOR proves that you don't need a ton of features to create an excellent body of work.

This was a brilliant piece from PARTYNEXTDOOR who has truly delivered in the way we expected him to. You can stream P3 below and let us know what you think about the project in the comments section below.

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