Album Review: 'Paper Towns: The Movie Soundtrack,' The Summer Adventure

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Following the success of "The Fault in Our Stars," John Green's book, "Paper Towns" is being adapted into film. Various artists have put together a soundtrack for this movie.

"The Fault in Our Stars" album did very well and included the Charli XCX hit, "Boom Clap."

The album tells you what kind of music you're getting yourself into right off the bat with Santigold's "Radio." The song comes at you with heavy bass, just to make sure you're paying attention. This is definitely the song you'd want to blast in your car with the windows down, with just the music.

"To The Top" by Twin Shadow, kind of pulls you back. The beginning is more somber and is dripping with the need to fix your mistakes.

"Search Party," by Sam Bruno is another adventure song. The lyrics of the song talk about traveling but never having a plan. The percussions, intense bass, and the slight use of autotune make it a song you want to move to.

"Swingin Party" by Kindness isn't really a song I'd want to play at a party.

It has a constant drumbeat but the keyboard and gently melody of his voice keeps it from picking up too much.

It's more of a song you'd want to listen to with headphones on in the middle of some teenage brooding.

There's not much to say about Vance Joy's "Great Summer." It's not a bad song, but it doesn't stand out from the other songs. It follows the same theme but as nothing extra.

"Taxi Cab" by Vampire Weekend uses a good amount of strings that make it very pretty to just listen to.

Son Lux's "Lost It To Trying- Paper Towns Mix" is an instant favorite. It opens up with a huge sound. It was even sampled by Fall Out Boy for their song "Fourth of July." The song does have lyrics but it would have still been just as incredible withou them.

Throwing in a little 70s sound with "My Type" by Saint Motel.

Haim delivers with "Falling." The construction of the song leaves you with different experiences from the heartbeat in the beginning to the way they do the falling section.

The end of the song with in acapella so that you can get the full effect of their voices.

Grouplove's appearing for the second time on a Green movie soundtrack. "Drama Queen" is the perfect distinction between "The Fault in Our Stars," and "Paper Towns." The bands song for the previous movie was a love song, this one is more of attitude. Let's take a trip to space with De Lux's "Moments," Or at least that's what the beginning sounds like.

Perhaps it was just the time machine revving up to send us back 80s. Alice Boman has created a beautiful song in "Be Mine." Constructed mostly of classical strings creates a dream like feel.

It helps that Boman sounds like she's singing at you from somewhere off in the distance. Like a siren luring a sailor into the ocean.

Finally, comes the band Green has been ranting on. His only answer for whenever he was questioned about musical choices was Mountain Goat. "Used to Haunt" is the perfect fit to follow up the last song. The piano takes over the song, in a good way.

The mixture of a gentle beat gives it that melancholy feel as the lead singer crones about the past. Then it's the Naked Brother's Band reunion with Nat and Alex Wolff's song "Look Outside." First time hearing them since then and they've turned out to be quite good.

The song is very much just piano and vocals that leaves the listener with a calm ending. You've had your day of adventure and this is the lullaby to carry you off to sleep.

"Paper Towns" is indie pop. It's a collection of summer time hits that'll have you yearning from adventure.

The songs are put together with such care that they tell a story. The soundtrack may lack in emotional depth but it has a youthful energy that will translate well in the film. "Paper Towns" comes to theaters July 24th.

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