Album Review: Meek Mill's 'Dreams Worth More Than Money' Delivers With Plenty Of Features

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While Meek Mill had his fair share of legal issues the highly anticipated "Dreams Worth More Than Money" album seemed as if it was getting farther from fans grasp.

The album is finally here and he delivers a solid album filled with features as you would expect.

Whether you enjoy his raw and at times braggadocios style of Hip-Hop or not, it's hard to deny that Meek Mill has a way of hooking fans and delivering strong energetic music, which continues on "Dreams Worth More Than Money." The opening track titled, "Lord Knows," jump starts the album with an epically heavy beat backed by what sounds like a church choir.

The track is not in any way modest because of Mill's style he announces the fact that he's back and fans should continue to expect a cocky style of delivery from him.

The following track titled, "Classic" features Swizz Beatz and Jeremih and Beatz surprises us by laying down a pretty hot verse. The song itself does follow that "Classic" motif and Jeremih's subtle addition fits perfectly.

For "Jump Out the Face" Mill enlists the talents of Future who seems to be on many of the grandest features as of late.

One thing that can be noted by the three tracks alone is that the production of the album was tastefully done. Yes, there are heavy, pounding beats, that being said they are evened out very well to form music that you can ride too.

"Jump Out the Face" is an excellent example of that but "All Eyes On You," featuring Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown is probably the best example.

It's radio ready and from their performance at the 2015 BET Awards, Minaj and Meek aren't scared to put their relationship out there.

"The Trillest" is one of the realest tracks off "DWMTM." It addresses his early start, the type of image he's set for kids listening to his music, his struggles and his triumphant return with the album. He rose above all of the negatives and naysayers in his life to make his much anticipated return. Drake makes a monumental appearance on "R.I.C.O." in a very unorthodox styled beat.

A Viner joked about some of Drake's production sounding like "gangsta lullabies," and funny enough both "R.I.C.O." and the following track "I Got the Juice" mimics that notion.

This does not take away one bit from the overall street effect of the songs.

While features slightly outweigh the number of solo tracks featured on "DWMTM" but on tracks like "Ambitionz" Mill has some time to shine. The obvious subject of money continues throughout the album.

Whether it's spending it, having dreams of making it or money being the root of evil, Mill explores every aspect of currency possible.

Funny enough the hook has Mill saying, "my ambitions as a rider," which happens to be the same words featured in The Game and Dej Loaf's "Ryda." However, as a reader points out, Tupac's song "Ambition Az a Ridah" features the same lyrics which would explain the intro to the song.

It's just interesting that both Mill and Game used the West Coast sample subject matter.

Another OVO affiliated artist appears on "Dreams Worth More Than Money" as The Weeknd shines once again. "Pullin Up" is a perfect fit for The Weeknd because it's subject matter, women.

It's a song about being the guy who deserves the woman and exercises his monetary muscle to draw her in. Meek Mill's single "Check" follows "Pullin Up" to bring the high-paced intensity back into the album.

Rick Ross might be away right now but his presence is sure felt on "Been That." It's the bossed up style track that keeps "DWMTM" in motion. The MMG hook-up is really nice to see on what could be one of Mill's best projects yet.

Meek Mill's fiance Nicki Minaj appears for the second time on "Bad For You," a sultry song about "turning a good girl into a bad girl." This time she adds more vocals to mix in a song that seems to hint to their relationship.

Meek Mill particular raps "you broke hearts too, but that boy ain't fight." Whether it's a shot at Minaj's ex is still to be determined but it sure sounds like one.

"Stand Up" and "Cold Hearted" rounds out the 14-track album.

"Cold Hearted" features Diddy who put on a huge Bad Boy reunion performance at the BET Awards the evening before the "DWMTM" album.

The nearly seven minute long track ends the album on somber note where even Diddy appears to be filled with emotion as he speaks about money.

"Dreams Worth More Than Money" should be just what fans expected. It has a good mix of high energy tracks, love songs and real songs that address the obvious subject matter.

Mill should be very proud of the album as you can hear the effort that has been put into each track.

You can stream the album right now on Spotify before deciding whether or not you want to take the plunge into buying it.