Album Review: Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' is His Best Work Yet

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It's been a rough couple of years for Justin Bieber. He's been the victim in some cases and in others showed a lack of maturity.

With his new album Purpose, Bieber is ready for a fresh start and the album features that maturity and ownership that's been missing in years past.

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The opening track on Purpose, "Mark My Words," is first shot at redemption on the project.

On "Mark My Words" Bieber is showing that he is ready to own up all of the negative things he's done but he is also going to make amends with a certain someone, Selena Gomez.

Bieber did confirm that along with "Sorry" and "What Do You Mean?," "Mark My Words" was yet another one of the songs that were inspired by Gomez.

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Bieber's latest single that released prior to the album titled, "I'll Show You," is a well produced track. The lyrics are obviously directly related to Bieber's life, which he relates to a movie. The media, fans and even his critics are always watching which is the overall premise of a song where Bieber admits that he has to learn things the hard way.

It's safe to say it's wholly accurate in his case. The comeback classic "What Do You Mean?" lightens the mood up a bit with a fresh and looser sound.

One of the biggest hits off of Bieber's album is undeniably the catchy and diverse "Sorry." "Sorry" is helped along by production from Skrillex, as are plenty of the tracks on Purpose. It contains a reggae/EDM/pop mix that is just as infectious as the chorus of the track. Meanwhile on "Love Yourself," Bieber gets a little help from someone who knows a thing or two about hits, Ed Sheeran.

The song is all acoustic and very much has the feel of a Sheeran hit. It's all about a girl who might be a little too into herself, something almost every guy has encountered at least once in their life.

Bieber continues to go the dance route with "Company" a more sexy, in the moment kind of track. At this point it's safe to say that Bieber has stepped up his lyrical talent to match the enormously successful production that is sprinkled all over this album.

Bieber links up with Big Sean for "No Pressure", an R&B-styled track that finds Bieber telling the ladies that they don't have to worry about being a breadwinner in the relationship.

Big Sean slows down his flow a bit to match the beat while adding some clever lyrics such as, "you know I eat the Cookie like Lucious," making a very clear Empire reference.

On "No Sense" Travis Scott returns the favor with Bieber by giving him a feature, just as Bieber did on Scott's Rodeo. Bieber appeared on Scott's track "Maria I'm Drunk" alongside Young Thug.

"No Sense" really features the distinctive production that matches Scott's style. Then towards the end of the track Scott jumps right into a heavy verse followed by an autotuned harmonization.

"The Feeling" featuring Halsey might be one of the most highly anticipated tracks on Purpose. It's also one of the most successful and powerful tracks on the album. It's layered skillfully with Bieber's soft tones backed by Halsey's haunting whispers.

That is, just before the song opens up and Halsey shines bright with her unique vocals. It's a smooth and overall beautiful offering on both artists parts.

Bieber gets a bit vulnerable once more with "Life is Worth Living," a piano driven and inspirational track. Bieber tells those who may be losing hope and giving into their mistakes that life is still worth living and salvation isn't far away.

Rightfully so, Purpose gets a boost with "Where Are U Now?" The song was featured on Skrillex and Diplo's Jack U album. It became a huge summer hit and one of the songs that initialized the comeback of Bieber.

Purpose then continues with another EDM inspired track "Children" where Bieber urges everyone to make a difference especially in the lives of the youth.

There is no way that "Children" will go untouched by some of the top EDM DJ's out there.

It's a prime piece of material for a house or trance remix so be on the lookout, because that might not take too long to come.

The album's titled track "Purpose" finds Bieber in a state of reflection. He reflects in his past and all of the ways he has put himself out there.

It has a very religious feel and will remind listeners of a hymn.

"Purpose" is an elegant and simple track where Bieber also inserts a section of him speaking on trying to be the best he can be.

He says that sometimes he's not giving himself grace, he is just understanding that's just the way life is.

"Been You" kicks things back into gear on the roller coaster of emotions that are sprinkled throughout the entire album and so does, "Get Use To It." One of the surprise tracks on the album is "What We Are" featuring hip-hop legend Nas. Bieber embraces the hip-hop sound and uses his vocals to ride it out.

Meanwhile, Nas rips his verse about being a seasoned veteran in the game. It doesn't sound like Bieber is reaching at all, which is honestly an initial thought when you see the feature.

Bieber finishes off Purpose with "Trust" and "All In It" two simple and light tracks to end on a bright note. Overall this is without question Bieber's best work to date. He has grown up, owned up to his mistakes and produced a diverse album filled with hit after hit.

It will be interesting to see if he manages to keep this steady form of production. For today, he should sit back and be proud of this body of work. Well done.

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