Album Review: Jon Bellion's 'The Human Condition' Is Everything We Wanted

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The debut album The Human Condition from Jon Bellion is everything we wanted. It speaks of his artistic mind and his ability to sonically create images and relatable music.

Before breaking into The Human Condition, it is worth noting that Bellion's character was on full display last night after the release of his album. Bellion took to Twitter to thank everyone who was a part of this milestone.

On his list of thank you's, Bellion included Rob Vanbornel, Mylon Hayde, Travis Mendes, Mark Williams, Raul Cubina, his mother, father, siblings and grandmother.

Those acknowledgements speak volumes of Bellion's overall character and just how much The Human Condition means to him. Instantly, fans are transported to into the mind of Bellion.

He speaks about his humble beginnings and how he managed to stay in check and remain the same person despite having a couple million in the bank. In short, "He Is The Same."

Next up is "80s Films" which fans got a little taste of prior to the release of the album. It captures that 80s drive-in mindset of staying out late and waking up in the car the next morning.

It's an especially nostalgic song for those who grew up in the 80s but Bellion definitely puts a new age spin with his catchy lyrics and production.

"All Time Low" remains a fan favorite as it was released quite awhile before we got our hands on The Human Condition.

It really speaks to your heart and the Simon and Garfunkel "The Boxer" homage is felt in full force.

Homage is also paid to Bellion's home of New York in "New York Soul Pt. II." Rather than the slow melancholic sound that was featured on the first installment of "New York Soul" on The Separation, Bellion takes a more upbeat approach to the sequel.

He outlines all off the New York influences and displays his ability to flow so effortlessly. Bellion is a true musician in the purest form.

Bellion brigs us back down in a beautiful track titled, "Fashion." The special ballad is heart-wrenching and emotional in all of the right ways. Not to mention, it inspires all to go bigger in everything we do in life.

"Maybe IDK" inspires self-expression and for those who don't seem to accept themselves with their flaws included, Bellion delivers the message that it is okay to do so.

You don't always have to be certain about everything and that's perfectly okay.

"Woke The F*ck Up" like "All Time Low" was released well before The Human Condition. It's a really special track that represents the realization that comes after you've gone through all of the BS. "Overwhelming" is a radio track much like any of the offerings on The Human Condition. Again Bellion plays around with the delivery and his flow so well you know it's all genuine and never forced.

My debut album #TheHumanCondition is out now! Link in my bio!

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Meanwhile, Bellion and his long-time collaborator and friend Blaque Keyz link up for "Weigh of the World" where Bellion admits that he no longer holds the weight of the world on his shoulders anymore.

In the final quarter of the song, the underrated Blaque Keyz spits a pretty filthy verse and his wordplay is simply incredible.

Next on the album is "The Good In Me" which seems to feature a blend of Bellion's sound mixed with a little M83, with the electronic synths. "Morning In America" is a pretty impressive track that you can hear yourself singing over and over. "iRobot" is our prediction of the overall fan favorite.

It's layers and lyrics that appeal to those who have become heartless despite whatever the event was that put you there. It's deep and really pulls at your emotions.

The final two offerings come in the form of "Guillotine" featuring Travis Mendes and the "Hands of God (Outro)." For starters, Mendes and Bellion are a magical team when they unite for a track as they tend to compliment each other perfectly.

"Guillotine" is a song you could def see rising to the top of the charts once the public catches whim.

"Hands of God" serves as the perfect outro for The Human Condition as Bellion reminds us never to lose faith. We should also point out that there is an epic choir performance toward the end of the song that highlights tracks from the entire album and it's in one word "legendary." The Human Condition is one of the best all around albums of 2016 thus far.

Though Bellion's following is not in the millions, it is filled with fans who can relate to his music and respect his artistry.

When Bellion finally hits the mainstream circuit, it's going to be all over for the regular pop hit makers. You can stream The Human Condition below and witness Bellion's craft for yourself.

Stream Jon Bellion's The Human Condition

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