Album Review: J. Cole and Dreamville's 'Revenge of the Dreamers II'

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Well, J. Cole and Dreamville aren't done shocking the world yet. Cole and his Dreamville crew tweeted the release of Revenge of the Dreamers II and after listening to the mixtape/album, there is simply no quit from one of the most complete teams in hip-hop today.

Every time you go into listening to a J. Cole piece or a collaborative piece from Dreamville you always want to find something to critique. The honest to god truth is, there is so much work that went into Revenge of the Dreamers II that it resonates throughout the entire nine-track album. Dreamville's core of J. Cole, Bas, Omen and Cozz aren't holding back anymore and it only means great things for hip-hop fans.

The album's opening track "Folgers Crystals" serves as a way to wake up the entire world. Cole raps about his triumph in rap and how he continues to rise above the competition.

He also previews some of the social issues that will be addressed later on in Revenge of the Dreamers II. It features light production which slowly opens the listeners ears like first cup of coffee opens your eyes.

The recently released "Night Job" by Bas with assistance from Cole is next up. When we reported about this track, it had already become a huge hit with us.

It came with the announcement of Bas' upcoming album Too High To Riot and featured a phenomenal series of verses from Bas and Cole.

The bouncy late night production on "Night Job" really brings this track together nicely. It's slightly reminiscent of "Lit" in a sense that both of these artists completely bodied their verses on the track with bouncy production.

The album also features a sexy and sultry track titled, "Backseat" by Ari Lennox featuring Cozz. You could pretty much guess the subject matter but Lennox pours her soulful sound all over the song as she tells the listener how she "wants it" in the back seat. Cozz lightens up his style of rap to match the sexy nature of the song in a brief but effective and crisp offering.

Meanwhile, Cole and Omen bring fans "Caged Bird." The two artists find themselves find themselves taking two different approaches when it comes to representing what it feels like to be trapped. Cole imagines what it would feel like to be locked in in prison and ponder how life was, what life could have been, all while counting down the days until he finally finds freedom.

Meanwhile, Omen takes the perspective of a blind musician who is trapped in his dreams of fame and living the fast life.

Omen is easily one of the most underrated lyricists in hip-hop at the moment and he uses "48 Laws" to continue to showcase his incredible talent. He addresses life in the streets and the hardships that he has been through.

He paints a picture with his lyrics allowing the users to relate to the pain he left in the past and the triumph of changing your life for the better.

He also sneaks in a poetic response to the vicious cycle that faces those living in urban environments.

On "Housewives" Bas continues his lyrical assault over strong production. It's part braggadocios and partially addressing those who just continue to talk while others decide to hustle.

For those who crave sinister sounding production and a new wave style of rap, Cozz and Bas are happy to oblige on "Tabs." They utilize a style of rap that is similar to that of Drake and Future while maintaining their own hardcore twist in delivery.

Dreamville's Revenge of the Dreamers II also features an artist by the name of lute and his flow meshes incredibly with the overall sound of the crew.

He has a 90's tone that seamlessly matches the 90's production on "Still Slummin'" a track about chasing life the hard way.

The final track on Revenge of the Dreamers II is titled, "Grow" by Cozz featuring Correy C. Cozz completely snaps on the closing track as he deals with his vices and his religion. He shows that he is all about growth while showcasing how much he has grown as a lyricist. Overall, Revenge of the Dreamers II doesn't need a critic to gas it up and rave about how well put together it is.

The entire piece really speaks for itself. J. Cole and the Dreamville crew continue to be that refreshing break from mainstream radio hits while lyrically slapping the listener with some realness, however, mixing in a little bouncy flavor. Revenge of the Dreamers II is available on iTunes.

Revenge of the Dreamers II Tracklist

1. "Folgers Crystals" (J. Cole)
2. "Night Job" (Bas Feat. J. Cole)
3. "Backseat" (Ari Lennox Feat. Cozz)
4. "Caged Bird" (J. Cole Feat. Omen)
5. "48 Laws" (Omen Feat. Donnie Trumpet)
6. "Housewives" (Bas)
7. "Tabs" (Cozz Feat. Bas)
8. "Still Slummin'" (lute)
9. "Grow" (Cozz Feat. Correy C)