Album Review: iLoveMakonnen's 'Drink More Water 6' is A Solid Party Album

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When iLoveMakonnen broke on to the scene with "Tuesday," it was evident that it's pretty easy for him to create catchy hits. His newest album Drink More Water 6 while solid has it's periods of highs and lows.

Drink More Water 6 is certainly a mashup of iLoveMakonnen's various styles. If you want party music it's there. If you want some smoother hits featuring more of his one-of-a-kid vocals, that's also featured on the album.

The production is downright perfect and will definitely have your energized. This is a "turn-up" album in its essence and that's perfectly okay for iLoveMakonnen's fans.

"Back Again," "Want You," "Turn Off The Lies" and "Solo" represent that distinctive vocal delivery.

They are all equally capable of becoming radio hits but iLoveMakonnens "Solo"/Loner mentality won't resonate with everyone. Perhaps that's why he includes tracks like "Big Gucci," "UWONTEVA," "Sellin," "Pushin'" and "Live For Real."

Overall Drink More Water 6 is a solid party album but it won't be a hit with many. Much of it comes off as pretty strange and the drug pushing references just seem way too forced.

If you like hot trap beats you'll appreciate the production. However, the rest might have you scratching your head a bit. You can stream Drink More Water 6 below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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