Album Review: Gucci Mane's Big Return With 'Everybody Looking'

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When it comes to making music for the streets and having an incredible work ethic, it would be hard not to mention Gucci Mane.

Gucci makes his big return with the brand new album Everybody Looking and it does not disappoint.

Everybody Looking begins with the "No Sleep Intro" where Gucci talks about his past life of crime.

He also adds his detest for the "feds," "police" and "DEA" towards the end of the track.

Gucci also says he is a "recovering drug addict who use to smoke a pound a day." How's that for being open? Then it's on to the flexing with "Out Do Ya." It's a braggadocios track where Gucci says you shouldn't let anyone "Out Do Ya."

Gucci and Drake's collaboration "Back On Road" did make the cut and remains one of the stand out tracks from Everybody Looking.

It's followed by another bouncy track titled, "Waybach." Gucci really sticks to his style of rap and thankfully he doesn't try to use any other style of delivery.

The recently leaked "Pu**y Print" track featuring Kanye West is next up and it's slightly underwhelming but still enough to be one of the standout pieces on Everybody Looking.

The biggest banger on the entire album might be "Pop Music." The beat is just menacing and Gucci's lyrics are relentless and rough. Despite his legal issues, Gucci still seems unafraid of gun-toting lyrics.

"Guwop Home" featuring Young Thug is a simple track but the collaboration between old school Southern rap and the new wave is great to see.

"Gucci Please" continues the authentic trap music from Gucci that fans know and love. Other standout tracks in the 15-track lineup include "Rich N***as In The Room" and the bonus track "Multi Millionaire Laflare." Overall, Gucci Mane brings his authentic trap sound that we all expected with some serious bangers sprinkled in between.

Gucci is officially back and we don't expect him to stop with Everybody Looking. You can stream Everybody Looking below.

Stream Gucci Mane's Everybody Looking Album