Album Review: Galaxy Cloak's Self-Titled LP is Otherworldly

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Rising hip-hop duo Galaxy Cloak featuring, Menes The Pharaoh and producer Sorcery Orchestra have released their self-titled LP and not only is it otherworldly, it also contains shades of old school hip-hop that fans will appreciate.

With a mixture of old school production and a pretty original delivery from Menes The Pharaoh, Galaxy Cloak is trying to tap into some of hip-hop's darkest yet successful points. The group is not scared about the undertaking they plan on embarking on.

They are very adamant about taking the mic away from mainstream hip-hop and sending it back to a generation of raw and totally unforgiving lyricism.

"Together, we will reign supreme. Seeped in a golden aura of Hip-Hop, and serene undertones of a Lovecraftian spine, there was no doubt in either mind, that this was an ordained meeting," said Galaxy Cloak in a recent release.

"And so they formed; Galaxy Cloak.

With one intention, and one intention only; To end the stupor of modern day Hip-Hop, and bring back the living creature it once was. Imagery, Feeling, Emceeing, Production, all backed on top of strong characteristics of eccentric artistry."

The duo is just getting started by dipping their feet into the hip-hop game with the self-titled LP. Standout tracks include "6 Cent Suppressor," "Wizardry," "No More Galaxies" and "Grave Makahz." The group gives off an overall fearless vibe in their music and it will be quite interesting to see where they continue to take their sound in the future.

You can stream the Galaxy Cloak LP below and let us know what you think about the group in the comments section.

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