Album Review: Frightened Rabbit's 'Painting Of A Panic Attack' is Exquisite

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In 2013 Frightened Rabbit embarked on a new journey with Atlantic Records releasing their album Pedestrian Verse. Now, the band returns with its new album titled, Painting Of A Panic Attack and it's simply exquisitely done.

The alternative genre is littered with bands who feature similar sounds. Despite the similarities, they all find a way to make hit songs that truly touch the listener.

Frightened Rabbit's entire album is bursting with songs that are relatable to listeners. The National's Aaron Dessner also produced Painting Of A Panic Attack (album stream below) and there are a few similarities between the two band's overall sound.

Of course, the stand out track on Painting Of A Panic Attack is "Death Dream" in all of it's melancholic, dark and yet beautiful sound. "Get Out" seems like a continuation of "Death Dream" while "I Wish I Was Sober" is a more upbeat track where the subject still seems haunted and can't put down the bottle.

"Woke up Hurting" is a super relatable track for the hard worker who is looking for a better way to move through their life.

"Lump Street" and "Die Like A Rich Boy" are incredible tracks that paint vivid pictures in your mind. They are both like cinematic productions that play in your mind as the music moves through your ear ways.

All of the adjectives in the world couldn't do justice to the package that Dessner and Frightened Rabbits have put together on Painting Of A Panic Attack. You can stream the album below and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section.

Stream/Listen to Frightened Rabbit's Painting Of A Panic Attack