Album Review: Frank Ocean's 'Endless' Shows Fans He Hasn't Lost A Step

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After months and weeks of mystery surrounding the release of his album, Frank Ocean shares a visual album titled, Endless. Endless is spectacular and luckily for fans, there still looks to be plans for another release coming this weekend.

Ocean's Endless is reportedly part of a two-part release with the second part to come this weekend. The visual album features Ocean working on a construction project complete with power tools and full protective gear.

As he works tracks like "Alabama," "U-N-I-T-Y," "Comme Des Garcons," "Wither," "Sideways," "Rushes," "Rushes To" and more resonate in the forefront.

While Ocean is clearly building a piece of art in the video, the songs never distract from the art and the art never distracts from the music. It's one cohesive blend that is surprisingly soothing to take in.

Ocean's vocals are never in question as they remain as strong as they have ever been.

Thanks to contributions from artists like James Blake, Sampha, Jazmine Sullivan, producer Alejandro "Arca" Ghersi, Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and many more who are included in the credits (below), the overall production and additives create a sonically balanced album that is a joy to listen to.

The Apple, Sony and Samsung shoutouts may be the most distracting parts to the visual album but given that it only takes place in the beginning and end, it's not something we worry too much about.

Endless is simply elegant. It's an incredible follow-up to Ocean's Channel Orange and if the reports of yet another project are true, Ocean will certainly be delivering on his promise of new music.

Frank Ocean is a musical genius whose sound is a clear reflection of a wide range of genres, all of which he has touched upon in Endless. You can head over to Apple to stream the project.

Frank Ocean Endless Tracklist & Credits