Album Review: Dave East's Debut Album 'Kairi Chanel' Is Real Raw Hip-Hop

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When it comes to real, raw and in-your-face hip-hop, Dave East is a newcomer that specializes in it.

East released his debut album Kairi Chanel and it's filled with hard-hitting tracks that will have your trunk banging and your brain spinning.

On Kairi Chanel, East delivers punchline over punchline over various styles of production.

From gritty New York beats such as "S.D.E." featuring Cam'ron to Southern trap beats like, "Can't Ignore" featuring 2 Chainz, East rips everything he was let loose on.

His raps are uncut and unforgiving to the point where you realize he is an artist who could care less about the mainstream rapper.

(Album Stream Below)

There are plenty of tracks that speak of his relations with women but none better than "Keisha." He goes through all of the stages of meeting a female in an urban environment all up to the moment he seals the deal.

Other features on East's album include, Fabolous, The Game, Beanie Sigel, Sevyn Streeter and Jazzy Amra.

If you're into battle rap and story-telling lyrics along with mainstream and underground beats, you might want to check out Dave East's Kairi Chanel, a well-executed debut album from an artist who continuously conquers new peaks with every verse.

You can stream Dave East's Kairi Chanel album below.

Stream Dave East's Kairi Chanel Debut Album