Album Review: Clams Casino's '32 Levels' is Stunning

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There aren't many artists who are able to capture the sounds of multiple genres in one album let alone one track.

However, Clams Casino has been doing so for years, blending rap, electronic, alternative and R&B. His debut album 32 Levels is a perfect example of his brilliant craft.

Clams Casino often mixes peaceful electronic sounds with hip-hop spins that probably shouldn't work. However, when it's done by Casino, they just seem as if they were meant to be.

32 Levels may be his debut album, however, Casino has been creating incredible music for artists like ASAP Rocky and Lil B for what seems like years now. He's the man behind Rocky's "Demon's," "Wassup" and "Lvl."

32 Levels kicks off with an intro track titled, "Level 1" which also features commentary from Lil B, who is the collaborator on three of the 12 tracks. The beat for this track will transport you to another place; one fill with peace and light.

As expected, Casino does follow up the intro with "Be Somebody" featuring ASAP Rocky and Lil B.

The beat is heavier and a lot more sinister but Rocky and Lil B deliver some pretty intense verses to give the track the extra twist.

The album speeds things up with "All Nite" featuring Vince Staples. The hyped beat matches Vince Staples' delivery of some high quality verses.

This is where you really see the versatility in Casino's ability. He can pretty much make any blend of genres work. Though the sound is a bit violent in nature, the song can also double as a party track.

Lil B steps in once again on 32 Levels for a track titled, "Witness." The braggadocios track is that classic Lil B collaboration fans know and love. The arrangement of the track accentuates Lil B's style of rap with it's pounding bass.

Fans are in for a bit of a break with "Skull," a track that isn't long at all but breaks nicely from the heavy beats of the previous tracks.

Lil B's last credited feature comes on the albums titled track, "32 Levels" which also features Joe Newman. This track is a lot more laid back and happens to be a more thought provoking piece from Casino and Lil B. Sam Dew joins Casino for "Thanks to You," an electronic, pop and R&B mashup that is fresh and psychedelic in nature.

"Back to You" features Kelly Zutrau and one of the albums most magical tracks.

The intensity of the beat picks up the pace at about the 30 second mark and Zutrau's supple and soft vocals adds a contrast that is quite soothing.

Clams Casino also enlists the talents of Mikky Ekko on "Into the Fire." It's a sexier song with a definite R&B tone and happens to be the most radio ready of any of the other tracks on the album.

"A Breath Away" featuring Kelela is another electronic and R&B mashup that is intoxicating and crisp in nature. It's freeing sound inspires bright visuals with a tropical twist. It's quite a stark difference from the following track "Ghost in a Kiss" featuring Sam T. Herring of Future Islands. It's a more melancholic track featuring a pretty heavy beat.

32 Levels closes with "Blast" which happened to be one of the first singles from the album. Overall, the album is very well-rounded.

It's one hell of a debut from Clams Casino who is clearly lightyears ahead in terms of his sound. You can stream a portion of Clams Casino's 32 Levels below.

Stream Clams Casino 32 Levels Album