Album Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen 'The Ride' is Another Huge Hit

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Once again the guys of Catfish and the Bottlemen have managed to create another hit album with the sophomore album titled, The Ride. It finds the band picking up right where they left off with the debut album The Balcony.

If there is one message we can deliver to Catfish and the Bottlemen it would be not to change a damn thing about what they do. The Ride kicks off with "7," a perfectly balanced song that shies away from going to hard.

However, in "Twice," the track which following "7" the guys picked up the pace even more in an ode to having learned your lesson from thinking straight.

Ryan McCann sings, "Christ, I ain't ever going back to thinking straight, cause twice, twice it brought me down, but it's the last time" and it happens to be an edgy yet catchy chorus. It's easy to find yourself memorizing these lyrics and singing along to these songs.

Catfish and the Bottlemen also make it easy for you to remember the songs with the single word titles.

"Soundcheck" continues the high-intensity sound of The Ride.

The breakdown halfway into the song sets up for a killer guitar solo before breaking back into the chorus to bring the song to an abrupt end.

On "Postpone," Catfish and the Bottlemen continues to provide anthems for a wounded person who has tried to please everyone in life, however, it all goes south.


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"Anything" is the last high-intensity track before the break in the album titled, "Glasgow." "Glasgow" is a classic acoustic singer-songwriter track that makes you imagine being in a pub out in Glasgow listening to the guitar strum and McCann's voice cutting through the chatter around you.

Things jump right back into gear with "Oxygen." It begins as a pretty traditional folk song but breaks into a powerful chorus and another excellent guitar solo. "Emily," "Red," "Heathrow" and "Outside" are the four tracks that close out the incredible piece of work that is The Ride.

The band doesn't seem to be peaking anytime soon which is excellent news for fans and listeners. Let us know your thoughts on the album in the comments section below and what song happens to be your favorite.

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