Album Review: Bauuer's 'Aa' Features EDM Trap Hits Galore

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The EDM scene seems somewhat over saturated with trap and trance DJ's but what Bauuer brings to the table with his debut album Aa is well rounded piece with a couple of huge trap-styled hits that will get you jumping and raging at a party.

Aa starts with the angelic intro "Church" before slipping into the perfectly titled, "GoGo!" It's the first trap heavy track that lives up to its name with the busy beats and heavy bass lines.

While the trap pieces are the ones that might stand out the most for fans, Bauuer also steps up and continues on with the lighter track "Body," a smooth rolling tune that takes things down a notch from the busyness of "GoGo!"

"Pinku" is a short track that is just over two minutes long and has the disco flare that many new fans might not expect from Bauuer. Not to worry the trap mood break is over when "Sow" comes through your headphones.

The beat is heavily hip-hop based and the use of traditional instruments can be heard emerging over it. Bauuer even mixes in a little reggae/reggaeton areound the 1:45 mark that adds another strong dynamic to the track.

Aa drops one week from today

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Things quickly get jumping with "Day Ones" featuring Novelist and Leikeli47. It's the first time that fans are introduced to a collaboration track on the album after five solo pieces.

It's fast paced hip-hop of the UK-styling and both Novelist and Leikeli47 take full advantage of the beat by completely snapping through their verses.

Bauuer will then send you through a brief intermission "Good & Bad" which appears to have what sounds like a Matisyahu vocal, though we can't really confirm that at the moment.

After the smooth intermission, Tirzah helps Bauuer break back into the heavy trap scene with "Way From Me." At this point it is evident that Bauuer has some serious talent when it comes to putting together a song with various layers. On features like this one, he also knows how to highlight the vocals of the artist with a stream of mysterious strings.

The transition into a completely different beat after the 2:15 mark is seamlessly and tastefully done as is majority of the songs on Aa.

thanks to everyone who came out these past two weeks of shows

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M.I.A and G-DRAGON completely destroy their feature on "Temple." The overall feel of this beat is similar to that of which could be found on a mid-2000's Neptunes or Timbaland track. It fades off to a much lighter tone towards the end give you a chance to process the the intense beat that you were just hit with. "Make It Bang" featuring TT The Artist turns things up again and gets your heart racing.

The hip-hop enthusiast listen to this album will really appreciate the different styles used on Aa. This is especially true with "Kung Fu" arguably the biggest track on the album.

It features Future, one of hip-hop's hardest working talents and Pusha T, one of hip-hops most revered and feared artists.

The close out the album Bauuer revisits his opening track with "Church Reprise" featuring Rustie and then keeps you wanting more with the titled track "Aa." Overall the album is solid and well executed. However, Aa does leave you wanting more as most of the offerings are pretty short in length.

That should overshadow the fact that what Bauuer did with his debut is special, very special.

We look forward to seeing what's ahead for Bauuer. You can stream Bauuer's Aa below and let us know if you're feeling the album in the comments section.

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