Album Review: Action Bronson's 'Mr. Wonderful' Is A Masterpiece, Fans Reactions

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Call him "Mr. Wonderful," "BamBamBaklava," "The Chef" or even the Guy Fieri of Hip-Hop (yes, sorry not sorry Drake fans) but what Action Bronson did with his album is downright amazing.

Bronson's "Mr. Wonderful" album is a time warp into a golden era of Hip-Hop due to it's old school style of production and Bronson's rapping ability and raw talent.

The album is a time warp touching upon love, the finer things in life and what Bronson stands for overall.

The album artwork is even as iconic as ever depicting a famous scene from Jean Claude Van Damme's "Bloodsport." Everything about the album is raw and in your face.

He isn't afraid of what comes out of his mouth and that is what makes him who he is, a wild lyricist with boatloads of talent.

"Mr. Wonderful" contains 13 tracks of non-stop lyrical assault. There are few artists who can hone in on the 90's Era of Hip-Hop.

Joey Bada$$ is one and Action Bronson is another among the short list of names that remain today. "Brand New Car" is a playful opening track with lyrics about shooters, molly and a slew of metaphors that Bronson uses to describe his own flow.

"The Rising" contains a soulful beat as Bronson spits filthy verses bar after bar after bar.

Standout tracks include, "Terry," "Falconry," "City Boy Blues" where Bronson takes a break fro his hardcore Hip-Hop nature and breaks into a soulful bluesy character, "Galactic Love," "Only In America" and of course, "Easy Rider." The album's features include, Big Body Bes, Meyhem Lauren, Party Supplies, Black Atlass and Chance The Rapper. Bronson proclaims himself as the golden child on "Only In America" and after this album, it's hard not to put his name in a list of great (lyricists).

He's one of the best at the braggadocios style of rapping and does it with ease. The strange combination of a pompous and humble mix shines throughout his album as he truly believes he is one of the best.

"Mr. Wonderful" is available in-stores and on iTunes but fans can stream it on Spotify here.

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