Alberto El Patron Rants About Both WWE And Triple H

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Alberto El Patron (formerly Albert Del Rio) has recently ranted over his former employer the WWE. Alberto has not been shy on how he feels about the company he worked for a few years ago. This is despite his girlfriend Paige still being employed by the WWE.

During a video he posted on Periscope (via Wrestlezone), he had a lot of not so pleasing remarks towards both the WWE and even Triple H. He doesn't hold back on how he feels about the company.

Bear in mind, he was drunk during the video so his comments are full of some obscenities. You can see his comments below.

Everybody knows the way I feel about that company. Everybody knows the way I feel about those pu**ies from WWE, and I'm gonna say it again. Those pu**ies from the WWE, especially, the one with the big nose. So, I said it again and I'm going to put it on the site, because I don't care anymore.

In the same rant, he also directed obscenities towards all of the people that were teasing Paige over her recently leaked sex videos. He says those people always see the bad things in people and never sees the good side.

Alberto felt sour towards the company ever since his last run. The WWE promised to give him a main event push.

Things started off well at first because he beat John Cena and won the United States Championship. However, things started to drift off and he was stuck in the mid-card as part of the League of Nations faction.

After that, he never received his promised push to the main event and he left WWE in favor of Impact Wrestling. He says he's now happy with Impact Wrestling as he no longer wakes up every morning feeling miserable.

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