Alan Tudyk No Longer Attending 2018 Auckland Armageddon Expo

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's Alan Tudyk was the first major guest to have been announced for the Auckland Armageddon Expo this year. Sadly though, the event has now announced that he will no longer be coming.

The official Auckland Armageddon Expo Facebook page made the bad news announcement earlier today. You can read the full announcement posted down below.

"Unfortunately, Alan can no longer attend the upcoming Auckland event due to securing a role as Mr Nobody in the upcoming DOOM PATROL series. The timing for this cancellation isn’t great (but when is it ever), as Labor weekend (plus DragonCon) is happening the States right now, so trying to arrange a replacement guest isn’t going to happen quickly, if at all, as Alan is a singularly unique guest. We are looking around for someone who fits this place, but not expecting anything this week due to the holiday weekend. All Alan Tudyk tokens sold are being fully refunded by iTicket, so If you have purchased one, they will arrange this shortly."

Despite Alan Tudyk no longer being able to attend this year's event, there are still many other famous guests coming. The event will still see the likes of WWE's Lita, Christina Ricci, Famke Janssen and more.

Hopefully Alan Tudyk is able to come to the Auckland Armageddon Expo next year whenever he is free. A lot of Kiwi Star Wars fans were looking forward to seeing him.

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