A&E's 'Love Prison' Rosie & Chris Recap, S1 E2

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On tonight's all new episode of A&E's "Love Prison" computer nerd Chris and party girl Rosie met face-to-face for the first time after carrying on lengthy relationship with each other online.

The two spent a week living with each other on a remote island where their relationship was put to the test.

Rosie, 29, a party girl and health nut from Los Angeles and Chris, 33, a computer nerd from Iowa met on a dating website and have been online dating for two long years. Now it was time for them to meet in person as they were forced to share a one-bedroom cottage on an undisclosed private island.

The couple was told they would be forced to stay inside the cottage for 23 hours a day, with no technology use allowed. 40 surveillance cameras were installed on the property to capture the roller coaster of events of the week.

Their first encounter was full of excitement and both complimented on how they were physically attracted to each other. However their first day on the island provided awkward silences in their first in-person conversations, and that night the two engaged in their first petty arguments about their relationship.

The mixed signals continued through the second and third days, but things seemed to be improving between the two of them.

The couple finally shared their first kiss on the third, but not without the awkwardness hat led up to it.

However in their private confession cameras their views varied, as Rosie said her feelings continue to change while Chris's interest in her seemed to increase.

Their relationship was tested even more when their private confession tapes from their homes, where each dater had displayed their personal truths, thoughts and feelings about the other, were played in front of them.

Chris's tape revealed he has not been sexually active because he was holding out for Rosie, and hers admitted that she had been seeing someone else and was sexually active during that time.

This obviously left Chris feeling hurt and betrayed, and Rosie didn't fully understand why because she considered them to not be in an official relationship.

The arguments and awkwardness continued the rest of the week, and it didn't seem as if Rosie and Chris were destined to be in a relationship with each other after their time together in the love prison. However Rosie still decided that she still wanted to leave with him, seeing a potential relationship opportunity between the two.

Chris seemed to blindside Rosie and think they should leave separately, to which she immaturely reacted spewing out random negative remarks at Chris.

The next episode of "Love Prison" airs Monday Sept. 15 at 10/9c on A&E. For more information and content from the show visit aetv.com.