Adorable Yet Hilarious Video: Cooper The Dog Can't Get Across The Bridge With His Stick

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This has happened to some humans before and we tend to just look like idiots when it happens, however, when Cooper the dog gets stuck trying to get across a bridge with a stick that's a little too wide, it just makes you want to root for him.

(Video Below)

The video was posted to Reddit but originally found on the Nick H YouTube channel. Cooper found a stick that's pretty huge it's almost as long as his body.

However, he is finding it hard to get it across a narrow wooden bridge. His owner is coaxing him across while trying to hold in her laughter because of the situation he's found himself in.

Determined to get this stick across, Cooper drops the stick and takes a different grip. It causes him to turn his head and finally make it across.

While watching it you can't help but to think, "poor little guy." It just goes to show how intelligent these animals are and provides a very good lesson in perseverance to anyone out there. Check out the adorable video below.

Watch Cooper The Dog Persevere Below