Adorable Video: What Happens When 'Robby Falls Asleep Behind The Wheel'

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Drivers often get a little distracted while driving and some even suffer from being tired causing huge accidents.

This video goes to show you that it's not just adults that go through this as one little guy can't manage to keep his eye open while driving his vehicle.

(Video Below)

The video titled, "Robby Falls Asleep at the Wheel" one little guy looks to have had a full day of fun and before stepping out of his little vehicle, he begins falling asleep.

The video was posted to the jimfromdc YouTube Channel and from what you can hear people around are having a good laugh while watching this all unfold.

In his sleepy state, Robby sends the car randomly in motion when he falls asleep. His foot hits the gas and away the car goes. His hands are completely off the wheel and he's a little out of control.

Thankfully he finally reaches his breaking point and comes to a complete stop and right into a full sleep mode. Life is rough when you're a kid you're not sure if you want to take a nap or go out for an afternoon nap with the top down.

Well, Robby managed to solve that problem. Check out the hilarious and adorable video below.

Watch "Robby Falls Asleep at the Wheel" below.