Adorable Video Of 3-Year-Old Completing His First Skate Trick

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This might be the most adorable skateboarding video on the planet as 3-year-old Ryden and YouTube skateboarding sensation Andrew Schrock bring us "3 Year Olds FIRST SKATEBOARD TRICK!"

(Video Below)

The video surfaced on viral site Reddit but was originally posted to Schrock's YouTube Channel where he got his little guy Ryden pumped for a day of skating.

Ryden is so polite that he thanks his "papa" for the new helmet before demanding that Schrock holds his magic wand while he puts the helmet on.

After suiting up, Ryden and Schrock set out to do a bunch of tricks like an ollie, a grind and even his first gap. Schrock is very encouraging and makes sure that when Ryden is trying a trick he does it on the grass so that he doesn't risk an injury. After not being able to land the trick the first time, Ryden comes back two weeks later and nails it on his own with some great encouragement from dad.

The awesome video shows what happens when a father gives his kid a bit of encouragement and help. Schrock has over 580K subscribers on YouTube who all have yet to enjoy the new video. Check it out below.

Watch the awesome "3 Year Olds FIRST SKATEBOARD TRICK!" video below.