Adorable Brielle Gives Ellen DeGeneres A Lesson on the Human Body

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While many viewers who tune in to the Ellen DeGeneres show know Brielle as the periodical table of elements expert, it looks like she has found a new field to be the expert in.

During her visit to the show, Brielle gave DeGeneres a lesson on the human body and it was just as adorable as her previous lessons.

DeGeneres welcomed little Brielle back to the show and asked her about her recent birthday. Brielle seemed pretty excited about receiving the game Scrabble for her birthday but made it clear that she is still sounding out her words.

For Valentines Day, Brielle told DeGeneres that she took some photos and went to Build-A-Bear. She has moved on from the periodic table and is now studying the human body at only 4-years-old.

So, DeGeneres brought out Mr. Bones the skeleton so that they could get started with their lesson.

As Brielle made her way on to the platform and was presented with the pointer, she remained as polite as ever saying thank you to anyone that helped her.

DeGeneres began asking Brielle to show her certain parts of the human body including the clavicle, all parts of the skull and the scapula. You can check out Brielle and her knowledge of the human body in the video below.

Brielle the Human Body Expert Gives Ellen DeGeneres A Lesson