Adorable Baby Pranks Dad While He Clips the Tiny Finger Nails

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The adorable little baby in this video might grow up to be the next host of MTV's Punk'd given their awesome work; pranking a dad who is trying to clip the tiny fingernails.

(Video Below)

The video may be in Portuguese but there is no mistaking the ability for this baby to create a really good laugh. The video was posted to Reddit and has gone completely viral reaching close to three million views currently.

It was originally posted to the Pri-Fla-E-Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama YouTube Channel.

As a dad get's ready to cut the finger nails the baby makes a sudden movement and a sound that would lead you to think they are being hurt.

The truth is, this little one knows exactly what to do in order to escape a nail clipping. After the fake out the little one laughs causing the father to lose it and join in.

You can tell that the dad is trying to tell the little one that they have to allow him to clip the nails but it just turns into one of the cutest laughing sessions ever.

It's even hard for the dad to compose himself after the baby keeps laughing it off. Check out the video below.

Watch the hilarious video below.