Adorable 3-Year-Old Makes The Greatest Case After Getting in Trouble for Painting Her Barbie

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If ever there was a way to get out of trouble as a child, it's by using your imagination.

That's what this one 3-year-old did and the logic in it all is just sheer genius, despite the father who dissected it all right away.

(Video Below)

"My baby girl was upset because she got into trouble for painting Barbie with her Disney nail polish," read the caption of the video titled, "3 Year Old Paints Barbie with Disney Nail Polish."

"She tried to get out of trouble by telling me that Barbie told her to do it a hundred times!"

The little one was adamant that she refused to listen to the Barbie many times but he Barbie was insistent. She even says that she tried to get it off but it just wouldn't come off. The little one knows that she is only allowed to use her nail polish outside but said that the Barbie told her to use it inside.

Between the pouting and the crying she maintains that all of her Barbie's tell her to paint on them. It's easy to see that she learned her lesson. The video is now going viral on YouTube and Reddit.

Watch the most adorable reasoning you'll ever hear from a 3-year-old below.