Adam Sandler Talks 'The Ridiculous 6 and More With Howard Stern

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As Adam Sandler continues his promotional run for The Ridiculous Six, he stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to talk about the Netflix original film and more.

The Ridiculous 6 is a brand new comedy being streamed on Netflix.

However, many fans aren't giving the film very good reviews which according to some sources, have caused Netflix to bury the film.

Sandler and Stern kicked off the interview by talking about the days big announcement of another 5 years on the air.

Sandler said he knew Stern wasn't going anywhere and it caused Stern to ask Sandler if he had every contemplated leaving the entertainment business. Sandler told Stern that it does come up in his head at times.

He continued to tell Stern about how supportive his family was of him when he performed as a kid to not liking stand-up comedy because he wasn't as sharp as other comedians were.

Both Stern and Sandler talked about Stern slamming him in the past and how bad Sandler felt being a genuine fan of Stern.

"Adam said he's had moments like that too and he keeps it to himself.

Adam said he remembers seeing him on a plane and he didn't say hello because he had just said sh*t about him," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"He said he was with his buddy and he didn't want to let his buddy down. Howard said he thought they might beat him up. Howard said it was a disaster.

He said he's so glad Adam is there. Adam said he's glad too. He said that he got slammed over the years."

The comedian also talked about his time on The Cosby Show and opening up along with Chris Rock. Sandler told a story about Rock calling Cosby "mush mouth" and proceeding to clown on Cosby. He recalled that the crowd was not happy with the jokes at all.

Sandler was genuinely excited to appear on the show and told Stern that he could barely sleep the night before appearing on the Stern Show.

He also announced that The Ridiculous 6 is one of four movies that he is doing for Netflix, so fans of his can look forward to a few more projects from Sandler.

The interview with Stern was pretty extensive and entertaining as one could only expect when the names Sandler and Stern are in the same room.