Adam Sandler Talks New Standup and More On The Ellen Show

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Adam Sandler shocked The Ellen Show when he appeared wearing a suit. However, his visit was light and enlightening. The Actor and comedian chatted about returning to standup comedy, his friends in comedy and much more.

DeGeneres greeted Sandler and said she knows him and he does not wear suits. Sandler said he doesn't know why he did it and said he thought that he should be respectful to her audience.

He told DeGeneres that he hates suits but he did it for DeGeneres, his wife and children, though, he wishes it didn't happen. Both DeGeneres and Sandler agree that they like being alone with each other.

The two reflected on their time at the Kid's Choice Awards and raved about each other. Sandler said that his wife goes bananas every time she sees DeGeneres.

The comedian joked about how much joy she brought his kids with the Finding Dory release and the months leading up to it.

Meanwhile, Sandler chatted about how much his kids begged him to watch his movies, then, they get 20 minutes into it and ask to watch something else.

The comedian said he stopped doing standup for 20 years and then started again with some of his friends like Rob Schneider and David Spade. He says the sets are pretty lengthy but it is much more fun than he remembered.

DeGeneres revealed that she is actually thinking of doing standup again. You can hear more from the incredible interview with Adam Sandler in The Ellen Show video below.

Adam Sandler Talks New Standup and More On The Ellen Show