Adam Devine Plays Pie-Face With His Mom Penny On The Ellen Show

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It's not often a celebrity guest gets to share the stage with their parents when visiting The Ellen Show. However, Adam Devine managed to get his mom in on some Pie-Face fun.

Devine was visiting The Ellen Show and his mom happened to be joining them in the audience. The actor agreed to play the messy game but DeGeneres said he would need a partner.

She then proceeded to call Penny Devine from the audience so that she could join in on the fun.

The two got set up for the game and Devine joked that it may destroy her poof. Devine failed to guess how many people lived in America, however, he escaped having a pie hit his face with three button pushes.

Amazingly enough Penny escaped with five button pushes and no pie in the face.

To see who gets pied in the face, check out the video of Adam and Penny Devine's visit to The Ellen Show below.

Adam Devine Plays Pie-Face With His Mom Penny On The Ellen Show

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