Action Bronson's 'Mr. Wonderful' Documentary Is Downright Hilarious

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Albanian rapper Action Bronson is known for his taste in food, sneakers and some pretty awesome music but today a short "Mr. Wonderful Documentary" was released and it's hilarious.

(Video Below)

The video starts out with a Bronson fan who says that he doesn't "brush his teeth or wash his ass," before looking at a picture of Bronson.

Then, there's the elderly lady who enjoys the substance in his music, specifically the line, "fast money makes the world go round, a couple sweet words make your girl go down." Then there is the entire Spanish family who thanks God for their food and for Action Bronson's new music before they enjoy their meal.

The video praises Bronson while showing him in some peculiar positions, including him going number 2. It's a fun little brain teaser just a few days before the release of the "Mr. Wonderful" album next week.

Fans will enjoy the comedic effort brought forth by Bronson who spent some time smoking weed and eating poutine at SXSW with Billboard. Bronson has been gearing fans up for the release of his album all year and from what we've heard so far, the debut might be one of the best albums in Hip-Hop for 2015.

Fans can expect the "Mr. Wonderful" album to be released on March, 24.

Watch the Action Bronson "Mr. Wonderful Documentary" below.