Action Bronson Has The Most Delicious Instagram Account For A Rapper

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Rappers tend to Instagram photos of their lavish lifestyle such as Drake and newcomer Bobby Shmurda, but Action Bronson takes his account to a whole other level.


Wonderful's Instagram account has everything that a rapper should have on it.

There are cars, sneakers and the occasional shot of the new city he is experiencing like any other rapper but the real delicious part is the emphasis on food.

Bronson posts some of the most exotic foods and sometimes even flat out tempting ones more than any other rapper you could think of.

For one his Instagram account is called "BamBamBaklava," which already shows you his love for food with emphasis on his Albanian roots.

"Bronson -- who went to culinary school and worked in restaurant kitchens before he made his name as an emcee -- cooked alongside Michael White's team to create a porchetta "kraw prow" tigelle, made with Thai-spiced porchetta, crispy watercress and tigelle," says

Some of the more recent dishes include, Mediterranean Scampi Raw, Fresh Mediterranean Lobster, Sea Truffles, Venetian Oysters and Lemon Curd Meringue wit Exotic Baby Strawberries.

His taste for food also resonates through his show which disguises itself as a version of Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." Bronson's show is simply called "F*** That's Delicious.

In the show Bronson chronicles his visits to some of his favorite spots in search for delicious food.

His taste for fine food also sits with the taste for food that's just plain good.

Check out some other photos from his IG account below.