Ab-Soul 'These Days' V.S. 'Control System' & Looking To The Future

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Last year the month of June was exciting for Ab-Soul fans as he released his extremely hyped "These Days" album.

To fans delight the album was a perfect culmination of his "Control System" style and him dealing with the added fame and money.

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Now, just weeks away from the first year anniversary of "These Days" we decided to pin two of Ab-Soul's pieces that are arguably some of the best we've ever heard from the "black-lip pastor." How? Well, it begins with the exploration of Soul's growth from the conspiracy theorists anthems on "Control System," to the venting nature of "These Days" where Soul did a bit of experimenting.

In "These Days" Soul combined some of his outer-worldly lyrics with the idea that he's finally made it. He was no longer a rising artist looking for fame.

He'd finally made it and songs like "Hunnid Stax," "Dub Sac" and "Felling Us" were the results of that success.

In contrast to "These days," Ab-Soul was hellbent on enriching the mind of fans on "Control System." Songs like "Bohemian Grove," "Terrorist Threats" and "Pineal Gland" were results of mind-trips that came out of Soul's incredible head filled with all sorts of knowledge.

Now fans must look to the future to see what mystical place Ab-Soul's lyrics take them next.

Anyone who is a fan of Ab-Soul knows that he's a fan of weed and often references it in his songs. It looks like he's been doing a lot more smoking since the release of "These Days" as you can probably tell from his Instagram page.

What we haven't really heard from Ab-Soul in quite some time is a new music of his own.

Soul has been featured on tracks such as Chance The Rapper's "Smoke Again," Kembe X's "As I Unfold" and Lupe Fiasco's "They.Resurrect.Over.New (TRON)." However, it's been some time since Soul released something all on his own power.

On each track fans can tell that Ab-Soul hasn't lost his touch at all, especially from "TRON."

It's not to say that fans aren't appreciative for what he brought on "These Days." When the hype over "Long Term 3" was built and fizzled as a result of an announcement saying the project would be delayed, he promised another idea back in March to jump that the hope for new Ab-Soul music.

Two weeks ago Ab-Soul posted a photo with Isaiah Rashad where he urged fans to stay tuned because they were "building." A week later he posted video of a produced by the name of DP Beats who was working on a pretty heavy beat.

He used the hashtag "Slouse" in the caption alluding to the fact that he's in LA the other word that alludes to new music coming is "whippin." So there is in fact new music coming, but like fans learned with the "These Days" release, patience is a virtue of which they must exercise until Ab-Soul unleashes some new material.

Which Ab-Soul album do you feel was his better piece? Was it "These Days" or "Control System"? Vote in our poll below.

Buildin wit young @isaiahrashad . . . Stay tuned . . . #TDE || @ar_da_king

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Got my youngin @dp.beats in da #Slouse whippin... || cc: @crizzlvelli

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