Is Aaron Paul Returning to His 'Breaking Bad' Role?

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If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, you'll love what Aaron Paul had to say during his interview on The Ellen Show. Paul caught up with host Ellen DeGeneres who also reflected on the last time the actor was there.

DeGeneres stated that Paul's wife was there the last time he was on the show and played Pie Face. Unfortunately this time around his wife wasn't at the show but Paul assured DeGeneres that his wife loved her.

Speaking of his wife, Paul surprised his wife by having her best friends organize a trip to Thailand. They played a bit of footage from the big surprise and showed just how excited and emotional his wife was.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres asked if Paul would be in Better Call Saul, given the success of Breaking Bad and his character. Paul not so subtly alluded to the fact that he may have already assumed the role of Jesse Pinkman and shot his part in the show.

DeGeneres joked that he wouldn't want to promote it in any way if he already did it.

DeGeneres said at some point he would want people to be surprised and that he should revisit the show to promote it when the time comes.

You can check out the brief interview with Aaron Paul from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Is Aaron Paul Returning to His 'Breaking Bad' Role?