Aaron Hernandez Conviction Vacated: Will It Be A Windfall For His Wife?

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This morning, a judge in Massachusetts overturned Aaron Hernandez's conviction for murder due to a state rule that strikes the record when a perpetrator dies.

While this is more of a technicality, it could have a huge effect on Hernandez's wife and family, because Hernandez's estate may be owed money from his business partners.

Why? Read on...

Aaron Hernandez Broke?

As you likely remember, Aaron Hernandez committed suicide a few weeks ago. The timing was peculiar because that happened soon after he was acquitted on additional murder charges.

Things became more clear, however, when Hernandez's suicide note was released, in which he noted that his wife would be "rich." How could that be, given that he was broke at the time of his death?

Before all of the murder accusations, Hernandez had inked some extremely lucrative deals. One with the Patriots, and others with businesses that would endorse him.

Now that the murder conviction is vacated, the Patriots may no longer be technically justified for firing him.

Depending on how his contract was worded, this could mean that the Pats have to pay his estate back-pay for the rest of his contract.

That amount: $6 million. In addition, there is the sale of Hernandez's $1.3 million house, which was OKed recently by the courts.

Will Aaron Hernandez's Family Be Rich Again?

So does this mean that Hernandez's wife is going to be in for a windfall? Well, not really, according to The Squander.

Even if Hernandez's estate can collect on the millions in unpaid contracts, it's not clear that his wife will see any of it.

The family of on of Hernandez's victims, Odin Lloyd, is still suing for that money -- in fact, they argued for nullifying the conviction for this reason.

Also, Hernandez has many debts that the estate may need to pay out on. That could potentially include legal fees.

In the end, it's unlikely that Aaron Hernandez's wife will receive much of anything from this.