Opie Continues Without Anthony

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Greg "Opie" Hughes took to the SirisuXM airwaves Monday morning a little over a week after the firing of long-time partner Anthony Cumia late last week.

Opie, who remains under contract until October, explained why he could not simply walk away from the show because his partner had been let go in the wake of a controversial Twitter rant.

He explained that he does not know how he will continue the program but that he essentially had to because a breach of contract suit could cost him millions.

Opie, along with long-time third host Jim Norton took a week off after the firing but are now moving forward.

Both talked about how Cumia understood the situation and knew why they could not simply walk away from the remaining hundred or so days on their deal.

Opie makes a reported $3 million annually so leaving would not only violate his contract it would cost him around $1 million in salary.

Cumia plans to launch a paid broadcast "Live from the Compound" perhaps as soon as August.

Opie was non-committal as to whether he and Norton would at some point join his former partner though he left the door wide open.

Opie did say that if the trio reunites on a pdocast it would be from a studio in New York and not from Cumia's Long Island home where he plans to host "Live from the Compound."