91-Year-Old Man Drives SUV Through His Garage To Check First & Last Thing On His Bucket List

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Let's preface this by saying this guy is one badass grandpa. 91-year-old Walter Thomas fulfilled the first and last thing on his check list by driving his SUV through the garage door.

(Video Below)

This man is a real OG. Thomas really represents what it means to still be young at heart despite his true age. With the tires squealing, he backed an SUV right through the back of the garage to cheers from those who were able to make it happen.

"The garage was slated to be torn down, and the SUV was donated -- so Thomas' action was of no consequence," reported NBC New York.

"Then it was up to Thomas to back it through the garage door and check that off his bucket list.

'I hit the gas, squealed the tires and bang -- we went through the door,'" Thomas said according to the article.

At the end of it all Thomas who had a smile on his face immediately after going through the garage, seemed calm as he unbuckled his safety gear. You don't hear about many elderly folks running through a garage on purpose these days.

This was all made possible with help from his grandchildren according to Mashable, who posted the video to their YouTube Channel. Check out the awesome video below.

Watch 91-Year-Old Walter Thomas Drive His SUV Through The Garage