90 Day Fiance Season 4 Episode 6: Anfisa's $45,000 Dress - Is It Made of Gold?

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On tonight's 90 Day Fiance, there are huge surprises. What happens with Nicole and Azan, Anfisa and Jorge, Narkiya and Lowo or the other couples? We have the details.

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90 Day Fiance: Lowo and Narkiya

We'll finally get some clarity on the Lowo and Narkiya relationship tonight. Until last week we hadn't seen them, but even last week we really didn't learn anything about them.

Here's a clip of Lowo asking Narkiya if she trusts him:

Narkiya recognizes that everything she's learned about Lowo so far is quite concerning. In a phone call that she has with Lowo tonight, he also gives her another story about how his phone was stolen. Narkiya concedes that when she hears Lowo's story it's possible he's telling her another lie.

Even though Narkiya feels that she and Lowo are meant to be together, she's constantly worried that he's lying to her.

She even asks him to send her a picture of the phone so that she can confirm he's not lying to her.

90 Day Fiance: Azan and Nicole

What will happen after Nicole and Azan's big fight? We'll find out tonight if Nicole is going home, or if they somehow make up.

We know what happens at the end, and we will be doing a spoiler article this week for anybody who want to find out.

Nicole discusses the difficulty of adapting to Moroccan culture. She runs up to the apartment where Azan's family is living and begins to cry in the entryway to the home. Azan's mother comforts Nicole. Nicole then proceeds to take their fight to the apartment in front of Azan's entire family.

Azan's brother-in-law explains that people are more private in Morocco. This seems to give Nicole some consolation. She feels that she has no choice but to be understanding of Azan's culture.

Next, Nicole and Azan decide to go for an overnight trip going camping in the desert. Nicole enjoys riding on a camel and the skies of the desert.

Azan also gives us a preview of a big surprise that he has in store for Nicole...an engagement ring.

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa and Jorge

Anfisa is going to try to buy a $45,000 dress tonight. Will Jorge do it? We doubt it, but we'll let you know right here.

Anfisa discusses her adjustment to America. She decides to get a cat to keep her company. Anfisa certainly rolls her eyes quite a bit before noting that she's looking forward to getting married.

Jorge sets up an appointment a top wedding boutique for Anfisa to look at wedding dresses.

Anfisa is interested in showing off her curves, wearing lace and the highest price tag possible.

As Anfisa tries on dresses it's clear that she's not satisfied with anything simple and wants a chance to try the boutique's most expensive dress, a $45,000 price tag gown.

Anfisa notes that she deserves expensive things that make her look beautiful. So, naturally, she's upset that Jorge looks reluctant to buy her a $45,000 dress. Jorge admits that he doesn't have $20,000 in cash right now.

Jorge admits that Anfisa is controlling and bossy. Still, he says that this is a quality she has that attracts him.

Anfisa spends the next scene sulking that Jorge can't buy her the boutique's most expensive dress. Anfisa feels that Jorge is breaking his word to her. Once again, she drops her subtle hints about wanting to return to Russia.

90 Day Fiance: Matt and Alla

Does anyone really want to know what happened to Matt and Alla? We'll be recapping it...if we can stay awake.

In this episode, Matt and Alla decide to go shopping for wedding bands. When the jewelry store owner asks how Matt and Alla met, he inserts a comment about how they need to hurry to get married given the limits of their immigration visa.

Matt also reveals that he's been married 3 times before to the salesman. Quite a few embarrassing details have come out from this shopping trip!

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are in for some tension after Chantel's performance at the club -- and now they have to tell her parents about the wedding too. We'll see how that goes.

Chantel is excited to shop for wedding dresses with her best friend. Chantel feels compelled to shop on a low budget.

Still, she talks about how she's always dreamed of having a huge wedding.

She also discusses all of her guilt, especially when she tries on wedding dresses because she realizes how much her mother would enjoy seeing her in a dress.

Meanwhile, Pedro decides to spend some time with Chantel's dad. They decide to workout together. Chantel's dad proceeds to grill Pedro. When Chantel's father asks Pedro what his plans are for the future, Pedro is evasive.

Still, he is able to tell Pedro's father that he loves Chantel. Chantel's father notes that he feels Pedro is being dodgy, especially when asks about marriage.

He doesn't realize that Pedro's reluctance to answer these questions have to do with the fact that he and Chantel have been hiding their engagement from their parents.

In an explosive final scene, Chantel talks about the pressure that's building on her and Pedro with the secret that they're keeping about their impending wedding. She decides to meet with her best friend so that she can try to calm down.

Chantel is starting to realize that planning a wedding with Pedro that's a secret is actually starting to really upset her.

She has a full break down in front of the camera, crying about how sad her wedding is going to be.

That was a lot of drama for tonight! We can't wait until next week. Will Chantel and Pedro break up? Will Anfisa and Jorge break up.

It seems like just about every couple on this show is on the verge of breaking up. Let's see if they manage to keep it together!

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