"90 Day Fiance" Season 4 Episode 4: Nicole's Shocking Admission! And Chantel Did What With Another Man?

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Last week's episode of "90 Day Fiance" left us in quite a bit of suspense about the future of several relationships, so of course, we couldn't wait to tune in to tonight's episode. Let's get started.

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90 Day Fiance: Nicole and Azan

We return to Morocco to find out what Nicole and Azan have been up to. Nicole has been in the city for a few days and already had a chance to experience rejection from Azan. Nicole plans to stay in Morocco for 5 weeks. Nicole will be meeting Azan's family in his hometown but she no longer feels confidant about her relationship with Azan.

So she expresses her wish to receive affirmation of Azan's love for her from him. Azan notes that it's part of his culture not to show too much affection, especially in public.

But Nicole is worried that Azan is holding a grudge against her.

It's soon time for Nicole to meet Azan's family. Nicole admits she's embarrassed by the way that she's dressed. Still, Azan's family notes that they do like Nicole and they're all quite friendly toward her.

Nicole and Azan head out to the beach and have a good time being playful in the water together. But things get tense when Nicole reveals that she cheated on Azan before coming to Morocco.

Azan notes that if his family knew Nicole had cheated, they would be forcing him to choose between Nicole and them.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro decide to spend some time at the beach to reconnect with each, especially after the stress of Pedro meeting Chantel's parents. But Pedro notices that Chantel isn't wearing her ring.

Chantel notes that she still doesn't want her family to find out that she's engaged to Pedro.

Chantel and Pedro then head out to a club to party. Chantel feels disappointed that Pedro doesn't want to go out as much as she does.

Shockingly, when Pedro turns out to be a bad dancer, Chantel takes the opportunity to let several other men grind up on her.

Pedro recognizes that Chantel is drunk and tries to escort her out of the club but Chantel resists. Still, when Pedro indicates that it's time to get out of the club, Chantel agrees.

The next morning, Pedro doesn't want Chantel to drink at all. Nicole has no memory of her bad behavior. Still, Nicole feels that the whole point of the getaway was to relax.

90 Day Fiance: Matt and Alla

Matt and Alla have a dinner date set up with Patrick and his girlfriend, Julie. Patrick starts of the evening with a bang when he greets Alla as "Matt's next ex-wife.' Alla looks visibly upset. What makes the dinner even worse is that Matt is late.

Patrick starts causing even more trouble when he tells Matt that Alla looked pissed. The couples sit down to a nice meal and Matt starts questioning Alla right away.

Alla notes that she misses her sister and hopes she can come to her wedding.

Check out a clip of the dinner gone wrong below:

Later, Matt and Alla go out by themselves and Alla talks about the difficulty of adjusting to a new country and feeling homesick. Matt tries to facilitate a connection between Alla and Julie but notes he doesn't want Alla to go out to clubs because he's concerned she'll cheat on him. Alla directs the conversation back to Matt.

Matt admits that he has trust issues based on the fact that his first and third wife cheated on him. Alla notes that freedom is important to her.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge and Anfisa

Anfisa is ready to meet Jorge's family so in preparation, she decides to look as sexy as possible. Anfisa begins to feel nervous about meeting Jorge's family. Soon, it's time to meet Jorge's sister, Lourdes.

Lourdes agrees with Jorge that Anfisa is beautiful but expresses her worries about Anfisa using Jorge. Anfisa is surprisingly level headed when Lourdes articulates her worry.

Still, Lourdes continues to feel worried about Anfisa, especially because she feels that Anfisa is cold.

To see the explosive scene of Anfisa meeting Jorge's sister, check out the video below:

Later, Anfisa and Jorge discuss how the meeting with Lourdes went. Jorge notes that his family thinks she's a mail order bride.

Anfisa doesn't think that the mail order bride concept is that big a deal. Anfisa notes that her own family has concerns about Jorge too.

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